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PCB Design


Board design, layout and modifications


Circuit Design PCB Design Projects and Prototypes

Altium Designer

Schematic capture and PCB layout in Altium Designer. Experienced with every version from Protel AutoTrax to the current release.

Simple to Complex

From simple, single or double side PCBs to complex multi-layer boards.

Design for EMC

EMC control in PCB design requires experience, awareness, care and methods to avoid costly rework, board spins and repeated trips to the test site.

Design for Manufacture

Products designed properly for manufacture require lots of teamwork. The ability to ask and listen is the best way to get this right.

Programmable Logic Software

IPC CID Certified

PCB Design performed by IPC CID certified designer.

Modification and Repair

Sometimes your original PCB designers aren't  available or are busy doing something else. We can help make a modification or fix a problem.


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